Seamless Spouting

Quite simply, seamless spouting is an amazing option for your home’s gutters and spouting. See how we do it in the video above! Protect your property from dampness, wood rot, and mold by installing durable virtually maintenance free seamless gutter to channel and control rainwater flow. When it comes to the installation of seamless gutters and seamless spouting, Century’s reputation for providing the best products and service to both homeowners and commercial buildings in the Lancaster PA area is legendary. We have a highly skilled and experienced team servicing the York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Lancaster and surrounding areas in the Central Pennsylvania region. Our staff is fully trained in all facets of exterior building maintenance, and can quickly analyze a building to assess the problem areas to provide you will the most effective solution.

Seamless Spouting Product Range

Seamless spouting on a house

We strive to assist our clients to protect and enhance their properties by advising them on the most cost effective solution to meet their needs. We carry a full range of standard 5″ and 6″ K style or ½ round seamless spouting in aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. Century will also custom manufacture box gutters for commercial and industrial properties. We only use the best quality materials in the industry. Seamless aluminum with a 40-year warranty and baked enamel finish is the standard, offering a durable maintenance-free gutter and spouting solution. Our Seamless Gutter and Spouting, together with the Snap Lock mounting assembly, will protect your fascia from weather rot and your property from rain damage.

snaplock gutter system

New Technologies: The SnapLock Gutter System®

Outdated methods of attaching gutters with nails and screws are a thing of the past. These old methods make holes in the gutter wall, which allows water to seep through. Damp spots behind gutters can cause wood rot and mold on fascia, which leads to gutters working loose over time. The new SnapLock Gutter System® puts an end to these problems.

The ingenious design of The SnapLock Gutter System® allows us to attach gutters to your fascia without your gutters being peppered with holes from nails, screws or spikes. Consequently, there are no weak spots that water can penetrate to cause wooden fascias or walls to rot. Your home is protected against damp and mold, and your gutters outlast conventional gutter installations, which may either break loose from rotten fascias, or disintegrate due to the holes that weaken the gutter wall.

Note: Computer monitor colors and shades will vary. Check physical sample before making selections.

Free Site Evaluation and Estimates

A Century consultant will visit your premises to conduct a free on-site estimate to determine the best solution to meet your needs, and will advise you accordingly.

Century Home Improvements by Century Spouting Co. Inc. offers a full home maintenance solution. We can repair damages incurred as a result of strong winds, fallen trees, or hail – we also handle servicing and repairs of products that have been installed by other companies.

As leading experts in gutter and spouting installations, we strive to please. Our customers do not only stick with us, they refer their friends. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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