2015 - Century Home Improvement

Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Posted on: 12/28/15

Replacing your windows is not an annual necessity. Nor does it need to happen every five years, since the average lifespan of a window is approximately 15 to 20 years. However, if you recognize a window in your home is exhibiting any of these signs, you may want to consider replacing it sooner rather than […]

Five Reasons to Invest in a Storm Door for Your Home

Posted on: 12/7/15

Storm doors are excellent investments for your home, and their benefits last all year long. These are just five reasons to ask a professional to install a storm door on your home. Cost-Effective Replacement Alternative for Your Exterior Door If your exterior door isn’t as young as it used to be—the weather-stripping is worn, the […]

Entry Door – Elizabethtown, PA

Posted on: 11/6/15

Homeowners in Elizabethtown, PA had been looking to upgrade their front door. Their original entry door was in rough shape; paint was coming off the door, glue was spreading in between glass panels, and they did not love the hardware. The new entry door that we put in for them is a ProVia Signet Fiberglass […]

Five Tips for Preparing Your Deck for Winter

Posted on: 10/15/15

As the social hub of your summer universe, your deck is where you go to get away from it all. But it’s more than that. It’s where friends come to kick back, where family comes to bask in your barbecue mastery, and where you go when it’s finally time to relax. With your deck serving […]

The Exterior Siding Buyer’s Guide

Posted on: 10/12/15

When it comes to choosing the type of exterior siding that’s right for your humble abode, there are countless factors to consider. From material and installation costs to durability, it can be a rather tedious process. Fixing up the exterior of your home shouldn’t be an unwelcome task. This list of various types of siding […]

7 Best Online Resources for Designing Your New Home Addition

Posted on: 09/17/15

If you’re in search of design ideas for the new addition you’re planning for your home, look no further. This list of design resources and tips will help you find the inspiration you need to put the “fun” in “functional” for your new space. 1.HGTV Design Ideas The website for Home and Garden Television is […]

Finding the Best Roof Type for Your Home

Posted on: 09/11/15

Choosing the right roofing materials can make or break the exterior of your home. The type of shingle that is best suited for your home can depend on various circumstances — as they say in real estate “Location, location, location!” Temperature change and the frequency of precipitation are just two qualities that influence the type […]

A Handy End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted on: 08/10/15

Every season can take a toll on your home’s exterior, but the summer heat can be particularly destructive. When the dog days of summer give way to the cool breeze of fall, be sure to take some time to give your property a once-over and make the necessary repairs as needed. Here’s a handy checklist […]

8 Steps to Recover from a Bad Contractor Experience

Posted on: 07/23/15

There are few things more nightmarish than suffering the horrors of a bad contractor experience. You do have some recourse, but the options can be time-consuming and stressful. If, for example, you used a licensed team, you can go to the agency that issued the license and see if they can mediate the situation. Alternatively, […]

6 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your Home

Posted on: 07/14/15

Adding a patio to your home is always a great idea, but people who build them quickly discover that something is missing. For some reason, they often find their new outdoor recreation area doesn’t look quite… right. Other times, they might find their new patio simply isn’t used very often. This might be due to […]