7 Best Online Resources for Designing Your New Home Addition

Category: Posted on: 09/17/15 12:17 PM

If you’re in search of design ideas for the new addition you’re planning for your home, look no further. This list of design resources and tips will help you find the inspiration you need to put the “fun” in “functional” for your new space.

1.HGTV Design Ideas
The website for Home and Garden Television is packed with ideas to get your creative juices flowing. It’s got everything from suggestions for furniture and accessories to ways you can organize your new space. Videos and galleries are all over the site, showing off unique ways to customize your home. The website even has an entire section of videos and galleries with examples of how to color-coordinate your room!

2. Better Homes and Gardens Inspiration
Sure, you can find a Better Homes and Gardens at the end cap of every register in your local grocery store, but why spend an extra $10 on top of grocery costs when you have access to even more inspiration for your atmosphere at just the cost of your monthly internet bill? The Better Homes and Garden website has everything from decorating tips to do-it-yourself project ideas to add a truly original touch to your new home addition.

3. Sunroom Design Tips Blog
Patio Enclosures has a blog specifically dedicated to all things sunroom. The Sunroom Design Tips Blog covers everything from the many types of sunrooms to choosing the most functional furniture for your new home addition.

4. Create a Floor Plan with Roomstyle
Roomstyle is a website designed to help you develop a better visual for your ideal home addition. Create and explore moodboards to put together a collage of ideas for your new room, and then head over to the 3D Room Planner to experiment on various layouts until you find one that best suits your needs.

5. Armstrong’s Room Designer
Armstrong World Industries, Inc., specializes in flooring and ceiling systems, and their website features the new Interactive Room Designer. This free design tool lets you take a closer look at Armstrong flooring and experiment with different color paint offered by Sherwin Williams.

6. Decorating Tips from Houzz
Houzz is an amazing website for home design. From exterior to interior, it’s loaded with excellent tips that have yet to cross your mind. These 12 tips are particularly helpful when deciding on how to design and decorate the interior of your recent home addition.

7. Sunroom Suggestions on DigsDigs
Home design website DigsDigs has more than 50 images of ideas for decorating and furnishing your new sunroom. You’ll find rooms inspired by country living, beach life, and even more modern taste. With such a variety, you’re sure to discover something to add to your own atmosphere.

Creating a new living space can be an exciting experience. From designing to decorating your new housing project, there are tons of free online tools and tips to make it truly unique. Color combinations are a plenty and d├ęcor options are endless, making personalizing your new space a breeze.