All About Al – The Face of Century

All About Al

Name: Al Luminum
Birthplace: Unknown
Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA
Age: Unknown
Height: 5′ 10”
Weight: 180lbs
Likes: Winning awards, pizza, wings, pretty much food in general
Hobbies: Grooming his mustache, testing new products, and throwing the old pigskin around

An excellent mechanic and hard worker, Al has been with Century Home Improvements since we opened our doors in ‘76. We’re unsure of where and when he was born, but he has travelled all parts of PA including highways, byways, and country roads. You may have seen him on one of our 25 trucks, the side of school bus stop stations, signs in yards, or even on TV. Al is known for his reliability, dedication, friendliness, and attention to detail which have won Century many awards in the past.

Al believes everyone deserves old school craftsmanship while using today’s best products. He keeps us all motivated and upbeat with his down-to-earth and can do attitude. This approach has withstood the test of time and is the reason Century is your no worries contractor! Al has also been known to help many in the local community through different charities and donations.

We’ve heard many stories about Al’s past, but none of them can be confirmed. Some say before he started working for Century he was an explorer who traveled the world searching for ancient artifacts. Others say he was a stone mason, college professor, professional bowler, and even a lion tamer among other things. He likes to keep his past a secret, all we know is he is a valuable asset to Century.

Al is flattered that people are proud to put him on their front yard and stand by his excellent work. Everyone at Century Home Improvements aspires to be like Al and meet his high standards.

Disclaimer: Al is not a real person. He is the personification of Century and who we strive to be as a company.