A lovely green awning extending out from the side of a house, sheltering a table with chairs underneath it on a wooden deck,.

Installing Patios Since 1976.

Add comfort and increase the value of your home by installing a patio cover or motorized retractable awning. Century Home Improvements has been installing patios since 1976, meaning we offer a wealth of experience and can assist you in selecting the best patio cover or awning for your home or business.

Trusted Brand Names for Awnings and Patio Covers For Your Home or Business

Being a well-respected name for awnings and patio covers, Century only offers products that meet our high quality standards. Patio covers and awnings are available in a wide selection of colors, enabling you to put the perfect finishing touch on the exterior of your home or business.

Save on Heating And Cooling Costs by Installing Awnings or Patio Covers.

In the summer, the shade provided by a patio cover or awning can reduce temperature on your patio by up to 20 degrees and even lower temperatures in adjacent rooms. By preventing direct sunlight from entering the room, temperatures are kept lower, meaning your air conditioning unit can operate under less stress.

In the winter, sunlight is in low supply. You can opt for a retractable awning or patio cover to allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the room, naturally warming it and reducing your heating costs. You can even install an optional wind sensor, which will automatically retract the awning when it senses strong winds – a highly recommended feature if you live in a windy area.

No Job Too Big or Too Small – We Have the Capacity to Handle Them All.

Century Home Improvements is a leading installer of awnings and patio covers. With a team of estimators adding up more than 80 years of experience between them, we expertly install anything from single window awnings to multiple awnings on the largest homes and commercial buildings. We use our wealth of knowledge to give you the most professional advice on choosing the best options in terms of price, quality and overall aesthetic appearance for your home. Century always gets the job done with distinction!