5 Ways Seamless Spouting Systems Beat Sectioned Gutters

5 Ways Seamless Spouting Systems Beat Sectioned Gutters

Rain gutter systems are not only critical to ensuring the integrity of your home’s foundation, they can prevent water from entering your windows, walls and doors, among other benefits.

If you’re looking to replace your old, leaking, sectioned gutters, a seamless spouting system from Century Home Improvements is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Here are five direct benefits of choosing a seamless spouting system over a sectioned one:

  1.  Better leak prevention. Even with the best sealants, seamed spouting systems can and will eventually leak. The only joints found on Century’s seamless solutions are at the corners and downspout areas. Water is contained in the gutters and delivered out through the downspouts. No seams means no leaks into your windows, doors or basement. A seamless spouting system protects your home better than any of the alternatives.
  2. Less Maintenance. Over time, debris, such as leaf stems, seeds, and twigs can get caught in the seams and joints of sectional gutters and create dams of material that can go unnoticed until they begin to cause major problems. With a seamless spouting system, debris doesn’t get caught up in the seams, water flows freely and goes where it is supposed to, out through the downspout. You will also spend less time cleaning your gutters. Plus, because Century Home Improvements secures your gutters with the best available hanger system, your gutters are tight to the face boards, preventing pests and wildlife from shimmying into crevices and creating further headaches.
  3. Customization. Century Home Improvements carries a full range of standard 5 inch K-style, 6 inch K-style and half round seamless aluminum spouting. These solutions come in a wide variety of colors that won’t ever require painting because of the systems baked enamel finish. Finally, seamless means that there are virtually no seams ensuring a natural, custom fit for your home. All seamless spouting systems are made on-site to fit your home by Century’s experienced gutter crews.
  4. Curb Appeal. Describing just what a difference a seamless gutter system can make to the aesthetics of your home is difficult. When you see it though, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have it installed sooner. While the absence of seams makes your house appear much cleaner and streamlined, the lack of fasteners and joints are also quite noticeable.
  5. Longevity. The materials used in its composition, as well as its treated exterior, helps seamless spouting resist corrosion and wear due to the elements for far longer periods than other gutter systems. In fact, Century’s seamless spouting systems come with a 40-year warranty protection plan that will give you peace of mind for years to come.


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