Landscape Tip

Category: Posted on: 07/7/14 12:51 PM

Foundation work is really expensive. When water gets up against the foundation of a house it can lead to mold, erosion of concrete, and the fracturing of the concrete on the foundation, which can bring water into the house. These simple tips will help prevent damage to the foundation of the house.

How To Prevent Water From Getting Into The House

Begin by building up the dirt around the side of the house making sure to slope it away  Рthe slightest slope will help channel water away from the foundation.

After the dirt is sloped away from the house rake it out evenly. Be sure to pack the dirt down well.

Apply mulch, grass, or plants on top of the dirt. These items are not necessary but can add to the aesthetics of the yard.


Things To Keep In Mind

Make sure the siding of the house is not covered with dirt. If the siding is covered it can provide a pathway for termites and other insects to get into your house.

Applying a downspout extender and a splash block allow for water to drain away from the foundation of the house.