If you have wanted to reduce your energy bills, but have been put off by bulky, unsightly solar panels, look no further. Century Home Improvements now offers a solar roof shingle system that is fully integrated into your roof. This low-profile solar system is aesthetically pleasing and will not detract from the exterior beauty of your home.

Apollo Solar Roofing Brochure

2-in-1 Roof and Solar System

In contrast to outdated solar panels that are assembled within a framework of racks and brackets, which need to be attached to your roof with bolts that penetrate the roof surface creating weak spots, Apollo solar shingles are a complete roofing system AND a solar system in one. They protect your home from the elements while at the same time harnessing the power of the sun. They are not attached with bolts that penetrate your roof and render the manufacturer’s warranty void; in fact, they are your roof, and you can rest assured that the manufacturer’s warranty will be maintained.

Low-Profile Solar System

Low-profile solar shingles pose less risk of sustaining damage from strong winds than bulky solar panels and they do not pepper your roof with unnecessary holes. Our solar shingles are the roof system, so there is no need for after-market fixes to maintain the roof’s integrity.

Superior Quality and Service

Century Home Improvements has been installing roofs for over 30 years and maintains Certain Teed’s Select Shingle Master Installer Certification. Our staff is highly trained in roof installations and customer service to ensure that you not only receive a top quality product, but the best quality service too.

Our staff will come to your home to conduct a full site analysis and prepare a complete assessment of estimated energy generation, annual payback, and a quote for the cost of installation.

Track Performance & Energy Savings

Once installed, you will be able to track your system performance and your energy savings on your home PC – our Apollo solar roof shingle system consists of an inverter that is fitted with a wireless transmitter that sends information to your computer.