Seamless Spouting

Letting Century Home Improvements install seamless spouting is an excellent choice for your home and to cut down on future maintenance. Seamless spouting is a great option for your home and our team is highly specialized in this product. The right spouting protects your home from dampness, wood rot, and mold by creating a durable channel to control the flow of water. We at Century Home Improvements know that seamless spouting is that right product.

Offering a Wide Seamless Spouting Product Range

Our staff works hard so your new gutters meet all your spouting needs all while being the most cost effective solution. Our full range of standard 5” and 6” K style or half round seamless spouting comes in aluminum or copper as well as in a variety of colors. Color options and styles can be found in the image below.

Seamless Gutters and Spouting - York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

The SnapLock Gutter System

Outdated methods of attaching gutters with nails and screws are a thing of the past thanks to the new SnapLock Gutter system. No longer do homeowners have to worry about holes in the gutter wall allowing water to seep through. This rogue water can cause damp spots which over time, cause wood rot and mold on the fascia of your house. These problems can cause gutters to become loose over time with the SnapLock system all these problems disappear.

Snaplock Gutter System - Seamless Gutters and Spouting - York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

This gutter system is designed to protect your home by attaching the gutters to the fascia of your home without the gutters themselves ever having to be drilled through. The SnapLock System is installed first with the screws being placed through the system rather than the gutter. Then the gutter is snapped into the system and is ready to be used. The SnapLock Gutter System is free floating, which allows for natural expansion and contraction as the weather changes. Call for an estimate today and we’ll find the right solution for you!

Free Evaluation and Estimates

Contact us to schedule an in-home estimate. One of our trusted Century consultants will visit your home and conduct an estimate to determine the best solution to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to find the right solution for your home.

New Spouting with Truck

Century Home Improvements by Century Spouting offers a full home maintenance solution as well. We can repair damages incurred as a result of strong winds, fallen trees, or hail. No worries if your current system was installed by another company— we can handle servicing and repairs no matter who installed the products.

As leading experts in gutter and spouting installations, we strive to please. Our customers do not only stick with us, they refer their friends. Contact us today for an estimate! Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

Gutter Colors - Snaplock Gutter System - Seamless Gutters and Spouting - York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


“One guy installed 60′ of seamless gutter and downspouts. He was efficient, neat, and the job looks and works 100%.” – William | York, PA

“I had a lot of work done – siding, roof, gutters, and downspouts. Seemed like a very experienced crew that were not intrusive even with all the things needed to be done. At the end of every day, it was like they were not even there – everything cleaned up. It went smoothly and the end result is a house that not only looks beautiful, but is more energy efficient.” – Linda | Harrisburg, PA

“They replaced all of my rain gutters and these guys were great. Good price, warranty, and left no mess. This place is great!” – Lawrence | Thomasville, PA

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