winter tips for your home

Protect your home with these winter weather tips

At Century Spouting we understand the importance of home maintenance as seasonal conditions change. With these proactive winter tips for your home you can be ready to handle the problems associated with winter weather.

Gutter & Spouting maintenance

Gutters and spouting are essential to protecting your investment and are important to keep water from damaging your home through the entire year. Blocked or ice damaged spouting can potentially ruin your home and can result in expensive repairs if neglected. To improve your home’s resilience take these steps to protect your spouting system from harsh winter conditions.

  1. Clean your gutters & spouting to provide a clear path for water to flow away from your home.
  2. Have damaged spouting repaired or replaced immediately
  3. Trim tree branches and other over hanging debris
  4. Install a gutter protection system such as Gutter Helmet to keep gutters free of debris
  5. Clear snow & ice from your roof with a roof rake to avoid ice damming
  6. Properly installed heat tape can help to prevent ice from forming inside your gutters and spouting
  7. Remove snow to allow a path for water to flow away from your home as it melts

Insulating your home from cold weather

Keeping your home insulated not only helps your energy efficiency but it also helps to prevent damage from winter weather conditions that can cause potentially costly damage. Frozen pipes are a large fear for any homeowner in the coldest days of winter and can be disastrous for your home in the event of a leak developing. With the following winter tips you can get your home ready for the coldest temperatures.

  1. Have your home inspected for proper attic insulation & ventilation to prevent ice dam build up and increase your homes energy efficiency
  2. Shut exterior faucets off from inside and drain water prior to cold weather
  3. Crack faucet dials slightly during extreme cold avoid frozen pipes
  4. Wrap your pipes, insulating your pipes will help keep them from freezing and reduce heat loss in hot water lines
  5. Clear snow from all vents and fire hydrants
  6. Check weather seals for damage and gaps
  7. Replace drafty exterior doors and windows with quality energy efficient replacements
  8. make sure chimney flues are not clogged and dampers are open

Protecting your roof and trim

Nothing on your home gets more abuse from the winter weather than your home exterior. With severe winter conditions such as heavy snow, high winds and cold temperatures extra attention should be given to the exterior of your home. A few precautionary steps can help you to protect your home exterior and add life to your investment.

  1. Clearing snow from your roof removes unnecessary load on your framing
  2. Secure any loose siding before high winds
  3. Remove or trim trees to keep snow covered branches from falling through your roof
  4. Storm door safety chain installed to prevent wind from catching door when not latched
  5. Clear away snow from around the base of your home to prevent rotting and direct water away from your home
  6. After high wind storm, inspect shingle roofing, siding and trim from the ground, verify that everything is still in place.
  7. Keep an extra sump pump as a backup