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Is It Time To Replace My Siding?

Is It Time To Replace My Siding?

It’s a question we hear frequently….how do I know if it’s time to replace my siding? You hear the crackling….you see the buckling….you turn a blind eye to the signs of mold forming here and there on your siding. So what, right? It’ll be fine.…

Century Home Improvements Siding Cleaning

Tips for Cleaning Your Siding

Now that warmer weather is upon us, it’s time to start checking things off that “to-do” list. Like most homeowners, you may be cleaning up the yard, mulching your garden, and painting a few shutters or lampposts. With all of the harsh weather we’ve experienced…

The Exterior Siding Buyer’s Guide

The Exterior Siding Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the type of exterior siding that’s right for your humble abode, there are countless factors to consider. From material and installation costs to durability, it can be a rather tedious process. Fixing up the exterior of your home shouldn’t be…

Replace vinyl siding.

When Is It Time To Replace Vinyl Siding?

Replacing vinyl siding can be a difficult decision, and quite often gets put off until it’s too late. Knowing when it’s time to replace your siding is important to preventing interior damage to walls, floors and ceilings. If you see these common problems, chances are…

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