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5 Questions To Ask Before A Home Remodel

5 Questions To Ask Before Deciding To Remodel Your Home

Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are five important questions every homeowner should ask before jumping into a renovation project.

    1. Do you have a plan? You should have some idea of the scope of your project and why you are doing it. Are you preparing your home for a resale or for the long haul? This will affect your budget and the materials that you choose. You should also have an idea of the areas of your home that you want to remodel. This is the fun part! Research online, identify what you want changed and why, and break those changes into phases so you can ease the financial burden and the clutter. Living with a long renovation project can be frustrating and taxing. Make sure you are mentally prepared.
    2. How will you pay for it? Having a rough estimate of what your renovation will cost is just as important as knowing where the money to pay for it will come from. Do you tap into savings? Do you borrow equity in your house? Breaking big projects into phases can help alleviate the financial strain, but knowing what you want done and the limits of your resources is critical to a successful renovation.
    3. Can you handle unexpected costs? Through the course of your remodeling project the contractor may discover issues that could result in expensive problems if they go unresolved. Repairs and efficiency upgrades will all be cheaper while your project is underway than if another contractor has to come in later and pull everything apart once again.
    4. Do you know what your municipality will allow? At the very least, your project may call for a building permit from your municipality while work is underway. If your project will significantly alter the look or size of your home, or if it could possibly enrich on an adjacent property, you may red to obtain a local variance or waiver to avoid fines and other headaches.
    5. Do you know who you want to do the work? Hiring the right contractors to tackle your project can be the difference between enjoying your remodeled home for years to come or having it be one of the most expensive regrets of your life. Take your time and choose a contractor who understands what it takes to deliver quality service at a reasonable price.

The renovation experts at Century Home Improvements have decades of experience in home repair and remodeling, and they are known throughout Lancaster County for the quality of their work. Let us help you plan this important next step for your home.

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