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Curling Shingles: What You Should Know

Curling Shingles

One curling shingle might not seem like a big deal, but multiple curling shingles? It’s time to take a closer look at your roof….and fast.

First of all, can we flatten a curling shingle and be on our merry way? Sure. Just lift the curling edge, sweep away the debris underneath (be sure to use a dry paint brush!), apply some roofing cement, press it down and…voila! Problem fixed.

The question is, should we flatten a curling shingle and keep on truckin’ like everything is fine and dandy with our roof?

The answer is: It depends.

One or two curled shingles is no (immediate) cause for concern. We add the caveat “immediate” because over time, a curled shingle will expose the roof to water which will contribute to the breakdown and aging of a roof. It’s also important to know that curling shingles do not mean that your roofer did a bad installation job. While this may be the case, it’s also very likely that the shingle is curling because the shingle itself is faulty or the shingle material is of low quality.

Multiple curled shingles, whether in clusters or popping up all over the roof, are a sign of trouble.

Curled shingles lead to roof leaks. The whole purpose of a shingle is to create a barrier between the elements and your roof. When a shingle curls, your roof is exposed to wind and rain, resulting in a faster-than-normal deterioration of one of the most expensive parts of your home (the national average cost to replace a roof is $8,300!).

So, one or two curled shingles won’t have a significant short-term impact on your roof but concentrated areas of curled shingles or smatterings of curled shingles over the entire roof (or much of it), are absolutely a sign of bad things to come.

Whether the quantity of curled shingles is one or many, this problem needs to be addressed. Here are actions you can consider:

  1. Fix the curled shingles on your own*
    There are plenty of resources online that can give you tips on how to fix the problem on your own. We always recommend hiring a professional for safety reasons, but fixing a curled shingle is something that some homeowners choose to do on their own.
  2. Get a no-obligation assessment from a central PA roofer.
    Be safe, not sorry. Call a roofer and ask them to come out and inspect your roof – inside and out – to determine the severity of the problem. You can call as many as three roofers to be sure you get an unbiased assessment.

While DIY is an option, a professional roofer like Century Home Improvements, has the tools, the talent, and the time to identify problems that the untrained eye might not see. This includes condensation and other small signs of leaks and water damage due to exposure that indicate your roof is in more trouble than you might realize. An early assessment can actually save you time and hassle by identifying small fixes rather than entire roof replacements.

One tip we share with all our clients is this: Inspect your roof seasonally. It’s important to know what your roof looks like when it’s healthy. That way, when something does look out of place, you will be able to spot it quickly. Curled shingles are something every homeowner should be looking for each season and especially after high wind storms.

For more information about curled shingles or roof inspections, call Century Home Improvements or request a free in-home estimate.

*Century Home Improvement is not responsible for any errors, damages, or injuries resulting from any DIY tip.


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