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Five Exterior Home Improvements That Add The Most Value To Your Home

5 Exterior Home Improvements That Add The Most Value To Your Home

Selling a home doesn’t always begin when you plant the sign in your front yard. It can begin years earlier with a few well thought-out improvements.

In fact, some of the best home improvement projects are the ones that will make you question whether you want to sell at all.

Regardless of whether you’re in the market to sell, here are five sure-fire ways to get the most return for your remodeling investment.

  1. Entry Door Replacement. Perhaps the most lasting impression you’ll have of your home is the entry door. Real estate professionals continue to rank steel entry doors as providing the most reliable return on your home improvement investment. Quality exterior doors not only enhance the character of your home, they can ensure its efficiency as well.
  2. Wood Deck. There’s just something comforting about the idea of relaxing on your deck on a cool summer evening. This is why adding a wood deck can provide tremendous investment returns. Not only does it increase the value of your home considerably, it can also greatly enhance its “saleability,” one of the intangible qualities Realtors® consider essential to enticing a buyer.
  3. New Siding. Replacing your home’s siding might seem expensive, but it pales in comparison to not doing it when it is necessary. Not only does it greatly improve the look of your home, it’s value increases exponentially when you consider how it protects your home from the elements and reduces energy costs when installed correctly.
  4. Replacement Windows. The investment return on replacement windows begins long before you begin the process of selling your home. Even while it’s on the market, replacement windows are recouping costs and paying for themselves. For drafty homes with poorly insulated windows or dry-rotted sills, replacement windows can save a bundle in heating and cooling costs. The technology used in replacement windows these days is pretty remarkable. Krypton and argon gas-filled glass with double or triple pane options provide maximum insulation and are up to 40 percent more efficient than standard windows.

Whether you plan to sell your home soon or in the next few years, talk to a Century Home Improvements design consultant about getting a FREE estimate today!

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