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Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows is not an annual necessity. Nor does it need to happen every five years, since the average lifespan of a window is approximately 15 to 20 years.

However, if you recognize a window in your home is exhibiting any of these signs, you may want to consider replacing it sooner rather than later.

#1 Your Home Feels Drafty

When windows let cold air in during the winter, you can bet they are also letting warm air out, destroying the energy efficiency of your home and causing your heating or electric bill to skyrocket. Placing your hand in front of a window will help you find out if it’s time to find a replacement window.

#2 The Window is Difficult to Open and/or Close

You shouldn’t have to put up a fight with your window when you want to open it on a sunny summer day or close it when the skies darken before a storm. To avoid increasing any back or joint problems you may have, and to avoid such a struggle that would cause you to fall through the screen, get your window replaced.

#3 The Window Won’t Stay Open

You fought with your window until it finally surrendered and opened, but now the bugger is sliding down or even slammed shut. Do you find yourself propping open the window, sticking something in it to ensure it doesn’t slide shut? This is an incredibly dangerous safety hazard, especially if your home has curious little youngsters pitter-pattering about. Don’t put your children in danger. Replace that dysfunctional window before someone gets rushed to the emergency room for broken fingers or a concussion.

#4 You Can’t Lock Your Window

The inability to lock a window poses multiple threats. It makes your home easier to enter for intruders, putting your prized possessions and family at risk; and although the window is closed, if the lock is not secured, cool air will escape in the summer and warm air in the winter. Just like the first example, this will negatively affect your electric and/or heating bill. If the lock is broken, consider repairing your window. If repairing doesn’t work, you need to get the window replaced.

#5 Condensation Forms on the Inside of Your Window

Your window is shut and locked, but you wake up in the mornings to repeatedly find that condensation has formed on the window glass inside your home. This is a strong indicator that your window—or the windowpane—needs to be replaced. The constant collection of condensation can cause mold growth on the window frame, which can cause health problems for residents and guests in your home.

Don’t risk voiding warranties on new windows by taking the DIY replacement route—get professionals like those at Century Home Improvements to do the job. Hiring home improvement professionals to replace faulty windows save you both time and money. The experienced window installers at Century will ensure your windows are properly mounted to provide your home with the safety and energy efficiency you and your loved ones deserve.

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