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Five Summer Home Improvement Projects

Go Well Beyond Summer with These 5 Home Improvement Projects

If this winter and so-called “spring” have proven anything to Pennsylvania homeowners, it’s that you can never over-prepare your house for harsh weather.

Some homeowners saw six-foot long icicles dangling over their heads from their spouting with bases as wide as a foot. Other homeowners saw soft spots in their roof buckle and even cave thanks to the heavy, wet snow made all the heavier by several thick coatings of ice. If that weren’t enough, the wet spring may have exposed issues with warped siding, rotting windowsills and doorframes, and the structural integrity of your deck.

The good news is that summer is the time to take care of these problems, and if repaired correctly, additional headaches can be avoided for many years.

Here are five summer improvement projects that will last throughout the coming year and well beyond:

1. Insulate and ventilate your attic space. Perhaps the most important step you can take to keep those massive icicles from hanging like the Sword of Damocles over your family is insulating the attic and ventilating the attic space. Any heat loss from the main house needs to be cooled in the attic space. Proper insulation installment will ensure heat stays in your home, rather than warming your roof. Once your roof is properly insulated, snow and ice can no longer turn to water, and can no longer create the ice dams in your spouting that cause the formation of icicles. New roofing materials are designed to accomplish that needed result. Attics that are either not insulated or insulated poorly are the primary cause of the kind of icicles we saw this winter.

2. Repair or replace your roof. If your roof buckled over the winter, chances are good that a single spot is not the only area of concern. Roofing correction is dangerous work, so it may be best to contact a professional. Professional roofing contractors can examine your rooftop and determine whether the situation calls for repair or complete replacement. Professionals can also help you determine whether asphalt, slate, rubber, or metal roofing is the best type for your home’s style and protection.

3. Reframe or replace your windows. Those dark spots on your windowsills and the soft spots beneath your windows’ exterior frame could mean big and expensive problems down the road if not fixed soon. Dry rot is most often to blame and is actually a fungus caused by moisture intrusion. The best prevention for this type of problem is window casement repair, or in extreme circumstances, replacement windows. Modern replacement windows use new materials to prevent dry rot and can actually save you money, because they elevate your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.

4. Address warped or buckling siding. One of the most common causes of warped or buckled vinyl siding is improper installation. Unfortunately, once it begins to buckle, most siding cannot be repaired, and full or partial replacement is necessary. Century’s professionals can offer you a wide variety of quality products and ensure your siding is hung properly, giving you peace of mind for many years.

5. Fix your deck. Ignoring structural issues with your deck may not only be expensive, it can be dangerous. Your deck is one of your home’s most popular spots during nice weather, so ensuring it is safe for your family and friends is of paramount importance. Incorrect decking hardware, improper installation and moisture penetration can combine to create hazardous deck conditions. Contact a Century Spouting professional to isolate the problem and determine your best options.

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