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Keep Your Door Looking Great

If you do not maintain the finish on a door it will only have so much life. Road grit (Dust, dirt and pollen) and acid rain can work its way into the clear coat on the door and make paints and materials on it more vulnerable — which in turn leads to no protection. Below is how you can clean your door to keep it in good shape and to avoid any scratches. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for recommendations on how to clean the door. Most manufacturers will say to wash the door with soapy water and to rinse well.

Items Needed

  • Car wash soap
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Car Wax
  • Cloth or Rag


Step 1: Pour soap into the bucket and fill with water from the hose
Step 2: Scrub the door with the soft bristle brush using the soap and  water mixture
Step 3: Hose off the soap using a light spray
Do not use a power washer as the doors seals are not made to withstand 250 psi and could push water where it does not belong.
Step 4: Let air dry or use a cloth to dry the door before applying the wax
Step 5: Once the door is completely dry apply the car wax to the door using a cloth or rag

Helpful Tips When Cleaning Your Door

Use any auto wax that is safe to use with clear coat finishes on cars. Avoid applying excessive wax to the door as it may tend to yellow if too much is applied. Be sure to rinse all metal and rubber parts of the door. Avoid using power washers; doors/frames are made out of wood and are not made to withstand high pressures. Wood will absorb water which can cause it to swell, resulting in the paint or aluminum to give.

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