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Century Home Improvements by Century Spouting Co. Inc. is a full service home improvement roofing contractor based in Lancaster PA. First established in 1976, we provide superior roofing installations, as well as repairs to any type of previously installed roof. Our full exterior service sets us apart from other companies. Century’s roofing contractors in Harrisburg, York and Lancaster are a team of experts experienced in all aspects of building care. Not all roofing contractors will recognize potential trouble areas or current leaks in siding, trim, windows, chimneys, skylights, power entry points and even solar panels. A lack of knowledge or experience in this area may result in leaks that can cause undetectable wood rot. When the damage is done, it is too late, and will result in costly repairs that could have been avoided if leaks were detected early.

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The Best Quality Roofing

Century’s roofing contractors will advise you on the best methods to ensure a long lasting roof over your home or business. Our vast experience includes all lines of asphalt roofing, rubber roofing, metal, aluminum, copper roofing and slate. As a premier roofing contractor in Harrisburg, York Lebanon and Lancaster PA, we are equipped to service the largest of homes, manufacturing properties, and commercial buildings. Century services your account to ensure your satisfaction! A majority of our business consists of repeat customers and personal referrals. Century roofers will help you select the materials with the best quality, price and look for your project.

Roofing Material Quality Matters.

We Provide the Following Roof Substrates:

Asphalt Roofing

Century handles all styles of asphalt products from the architectural design shingles to the standard 3-1 tab shingle roof . We will inspect the property to ensure the proper vapor barriers, ventilation, wall chimney and pipe flashing, and replace if necessary to allow you to get the maximum life from your new roof. Having the proper knowledge and experience can help prevent premature failure of a roof. Attention to detail is important to all Century’s fully trained and certified craftsmen. We can help protect your home from ice back up and ice damage; leaks in valleys, at vent pipes, ridge vents or skylights. Century can provide a system that has a lifetime transferable warranty with a 130 MPH wind rating.  If your shingles are curling, cupping, cracking, discolored, losing their stones or granules, or portions have blown off, then it is time to call Century, your trusted roofing contractor in Lancaster, York and Harrisburg PA.

Roof Replacement and Repair - York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Metal Roofing

Century installs metal roofing in copper, painted steel, and aluminum.

We can supply a product to meet your needs according to durability, price, style, color, or any combination of these factors. Whether you are restoring your 200-year-old farm house and barn, a colonial home,  church, office building or other light commercial property you own in Lancaster, York or Harrisburg PA, Century’s roofing experts will handle the job quickly and professionally.

Metal roofs have increased in popularity over the past decade due to the improvements and reliability of the coatings available. Warranties of 35 years are now common for metal roofing. If you are looking for a copper roof for your entrance or bay window, Standing  Seam Roof could provide a stylish touch to give your property a distinctive, classy, appeal that will set it apart from the crowd.

Rubber Roofing

Century installs rubber roofing in two thicknesses: 45 mm; and 60 mm. Our roofing contractors are equipped and experienced to handle any size job, from the large office complex, to the small carport or sunroom.

Slate Roofing:

Century roofing mechanics have years of experience in the proper installation and repair of all styles of slate. Vermont Clear Black is our slate of choice.  You will be impressed with the skill and professionalism Century’s 35 years of experience brings to this technically difficult, but worthwhile home improvement project.

Roof Repair and Service:

Century’s full service is exactly that. We will service products that other companies have installed, as well as products that have been damaged by trees, wind, hail, lightning strikes, improper ventilations, or premature product failure.  Feel free to call us even when  installation  of cable or satellite systems proves to be problematic. Once you experience the skills and professionalism of our dedicated roofing  craftsmen, Century will be your first choice for roof repairs and servicing.

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